Super Mario Happy Meal Toys - Land in UK McDonald's!

It seems like a match made in heaven, doesn't it? Nintendo have -for the second time- joined forces with McDonald's to put the small Italian plumber into the hands of -even more- children! The toys are most certainly going to inspire gaming collectors to indulge in a Happy Meal to bag themselves a Super Mario toy. Me included. (Not that I need an excuse to eat an McD's!)

The toys feature Mario, Luigi, Toad, Donkey Kong and a Super Mushroom power-up. Also featuring four interactive toys Mario’s Hovering Coin, Donkey Kong Barrel Projector, a Super Sound Mushroom and Mario’s Warp Pipe Embosser. Pwoar!

It has been reported that the Mario promotion in the UK fast food chain has been a direct response to the plumber's shortfall on Nintendo consoles, most notably the Wii U. Is there truth in this? We're not sure. But we are sure that we'll be heading down to our local branch to collect 'em all!

The promotion will start on March 19th 2014 and will run till April 29th 2014. Happy days!

Munchkin Madness

I've always considered myself a geeky person, y'know? I grew up playing Pokémon, hell, I still play Pokémon as an adult, I enjoy graphic novels and I have even dabbled in MMOs. All fairly typically 'nerdy' ways to pass the time. However, until recently, I always felt that I was a level below the 'ultimate' geeky
person. Y'know, the type of individual that enjoys Magic: The Gathering, board games and Anime. Well, I can confirm that I have now reached that level.

If you're reading this it is because you enjoy video games, right? Perhaps you don't play other geek associated games, well, I'm writing this to tell you a game you most definitely should play. Munchkin.

Games I Didn't Play in 2013 (But Should Make Time For!)

So, I've covered what I did play in the glorious gaming year that was 2013, but what didn't I play? Well, I'm pretty sure I missed some true classics this year. After all, there's only so much time in one day! Here's a brief run through of some gaming gems that breezed past me in 2013, but I'm hoping to make time for in 2014.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
I know, I know! How can I own a 3DS and not pick up one of the most anticipated games of 2013. I'm not particularly proud of this list, but kicking it off is one game I genuinely thought I would purchase day one. Although I'm not a seasoned veteran of the blonde haired Hylian, I am definitely a fan. I thoroughly enjoyed Phantom Hourglass and was eagerly awaiting a DS instalment that could compare, I think this is it and look forward to discovering Hyrule once again.
Remember Me
This is a title I really should have made time for, for two reasons. Firstly, I saw this being unveiled for the first time at GamesCom 2012 and was instantly pumped for it, and secondly, I got it free on PS+! But alas, the time-lords of gaming were against me and even though I did start Nilin's journey, I barely scratched the surface. I thoroughly enjoy dystopian-esque games and I think a story about a memory hunter on a quest to recover all her lost memories that mega-corporation Memorize stole from her will fill my boots nicely.

What I Played in 2013

2013 was a fine year for gaming! As the years go by I find myself playing and more importantly, completing, more and more games. From RPG to sports simulation, it seems that my taste in gaming has no boundaries. Now we finish another year I thought it be appropriate to look back before we look forward to what gaming goodness 2014 holds for us.

Here's a quick run down of what Next Save Point played in 2013:

"Wow! You and your Pokémon's power levels are incredible! They're over 9000 for sure!"
Every year there's a new instalment of some kind in the Pokémon franchise. This year was no different, however, this year's instalment was the first 'proper' Pokémon title on the 3DS. I usually try to resist the temptation of a new Pokémon game, I argue with myself, "But it won't be the same as Pokémon Red, dude!" - This year I lost that argument, and damn, am I glad I did. Pokémon X was everything that veterans of the series deserved. Most notably, I can customise my character. Wow.

GTA:V is Raising Our Children

 I've been working within games retail for 5 years, and although I get to meet people from different walks of life every day, there's been a consistency of parents who inevitably purchase 15, 16, and even 18 rated games for their children, despite me giving them my advice.

Now, I'm not one to judge, and I'm not a parent, so perhaps I don't know just yet how hard it is to say 'no' to a child. But, I am a gamer, quite an avid one actually, and I do know what content is in the game I am selling. With the recent release of GTA:V you can only imagine the boom of underage teenagers and children alike that have entered my store to try and grab themselves a copy. Whether it's from simply trying to appear old enough to buy it themselves, or desperately trying to convince Mum or Dad.

How Sony Won My Heart Back

I was always a Sony kid. From the very first Playstation it was Sony all the way for me, hell, I didn't even know that there was such a thing as the Xbox until I hit my teenage years. There was no need for me to look elsewhere I had found home and it was a Playstation machine. (Naturally I had a handheld love for all things Nintendo, but come on, Pokémon!)

Yet something odd happened, when I took a little stint from gaming -I know, I know, I was obviously not thinking clearly- and returned to the scene in 2008 it wasn't a PS3 I rushed out to buy, but in fact, an Xbox. In retrospect I'm really not entirely sure why this was the case. I was purchasing the console for the sole purpose to play Grand Theft Auto IV on it and thus you'd think growing up with Sony AND the fact that GTA was once upon a time an exclusive to that platform that PS3 would be the obvious choice, but no.

E3 2013 Preview: Top Five New IPs To Watch Out For

Originally found at, here is my E3 preview of the top 5 new IPs to keep on your radar.

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It's that time of year again when fanboys and girls across the world get all excited for the newest instalment of their favourite franchise. Twelve months, E3 2012 heralded the 'Year of Three'; Battlefield 3, Saint's Row 3 and Assassin's Creed III. However, if the critic acclaim of the unreleased The Last Of Us is anything to go by, this year could be what games lovers have been waiting for - a chance to get lost in new worlds, meet new characters and immerse ourselves in something fresh.

That said, here's Made2Game’s five new IPs to watch out at E3 2013: